Say Hello to Your Switchee Thermostat

The Switchee is a smart thermostat designed to help you better manage your heating and hot water. We aim to save you money during cold weather, with a simple, easy-to-use device.

World-Class Heating Management

Switchee has been designed to do the work for you.  It is a smart, internet connected thermostat which learns your preferences and can automatically control your heating. Switchee can lower bills whilst keeping you comfortable. Switchee’s automatic learning makes it able to work for you.  Each Switchee has five sensors – temperature, light, humidity, motion and air pressure.  By combining sensor information with times that you adjust your heating, Switchee builds the best heating profile for your home.  After a few weeks, Switchee will learn when to turn your heating on and off so you don’t have to.

We’ve built Switchee to do all of this automatically for you in the background so you don’t have to do anything. If you do want to adjust your heating it has a super easy touch-screen, so you can easily turn it up and down – giving you simple, hassle-free control.

Switchee is provided by your landlord. With your permission, it can also be used to help them do a better job of looking after your home. Alerts for things like damp and condensation, poor insulation or failing heating system can be passed back to the right teams, so they can deal with them quickly. We handle connection to the internet for you: Switchee doesn’t use your wifi, in fact you don’t even need to have wifi for Switchee to work.


My Switchee screen is unresponsive

If you are trying to change the temperature etc on your Switchee screen, but you are unable to make these changes on your device, it may need rebooting.

If your Switchee screen is plugged into a wall socket, try switching this off, leaving it for about 20 seconds before turning it back on again.

If, however, your screen is not plugged into a wall socket but is fitted flush against the wall, then you will need to power down your boiler, again for around 20 seconds, before switching it back on. In this instance, there should be a switch either near to your boiler or, if you have a water cylinder, close to this in an airing cupboard, often called “Boiler Isolator”.

If this continues to happen, you should report this to Switchee by calling 0800 133 7957

I have tried rebooting my device but I still cannot control my heating

As an emergency back-up, there is an override button on the Boiler Receiver Unit (see above). By pressing this, the Switchee screen is overridden and the red light above the radiator symbol should come on. Your boiler will fire up. Think of this as an “on/off” button for heat.

Depending on your device, pressing the override button several times switches between turning the heating and/or hot water on/off. You are advised to call Switchee on 0800 133 7957 to inform them of your issues.

My heating/hot water is not coming on when I request it

If you have put your heating on and/or selected hot water on your Switchee device, to check if the Switchee is working correctly, locate the boiler receiver unit.

This is a small box often located near to your boiler or, if you have one, water cylinder. The box has the Switchee logo on the front as well as some lights and a red “override” button.

Once you have found this box, check that there is a red light above the relevant symbol (radiator for heating and droplet of water for hot water). If there is a red light, then the Switchee is operating correctly and there could be an issue with your boiler. Conversely, if the lights are off but your boiler is on, there could be an issue with your boiler. You will need to call your Housing Association Fault Line to register this problem.

I want a timer set up

Please click on the “Contact Support” button below and let us know your contact details, address and the on/off times that you require for heating and/or hot water

Your Switchee’s Many Functions

Control your heating

Switchee has an easy-to-use colour touch screen which gives you hassle free control of your heating.

We Do It all For you

Switchee can automatically learn your heating preferences and set the best heating profile for you.

Look after your home 

With your permission Switchee can alert your landlord for things like damp and condensation or a faulty boiler, so they can get you the help you need quickly.


Reduce your heating bill

Switchee monitors your heating usage and sets the best heating profile for your home, reducing energy wastage and saving you money.

Tips to help you save

Switchee can message you if it thinks there’s a better way to heat your home, for example letting you know if it detects the heating is set to high.

Speak to our support team

The switchee support line is always open. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

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