retrofit validation

Helping you make better decisions about retrofit solutions

Utilising the data we provide, Switchee is able to give you the in-depth performance data of retrofit solutions you need in order to be able to make the best purchasing decisions. Track performance short-term or long-term and help save your business from poor quality rollouts.

Better understand the performance of all retrofit solutions

When you install a brand new type of insulation or an innovative power solution you want to know whether it’s doing what the manufacturer claims. Switchee helps you do this.

Justify future investment in retrofit solutions with data

Installing innovative technologies can be a difficult sell when tried-and-tested technologies are perceived as being appropriate. Switchee helps justify the investments you wish to make.

Install the most relevant solutions for each individual property

Not all retrofit solutions are appropriate for every property with a multitude of different installation requirements. Switchee helps you to install the right technologies in the right properties.

Utilise Switchee data to help validate trial retrofit solutions for a full rollout

With access to Switchee’s dashboard, you can now access granular details on every property in your portfolio. You can track retrofit solution performance from its initial impact throughout its lifetime. This gives you real-world data to prove the efficiency of your measures. With this data, you can identify which properties in your portfolio would benefit from the retrofit solution, and what the long-term savings will be to your team.

Track experimental retrofit solutions long-term 

Tracking the benefits of new technology over the long-term traditionally has required multiple surveyor visits and extensive resident interviews. With Switchee, however, you get access to the most accurate data on the viability of an experimental retrofit solution through our dashboard. Whether that is proving the long-term benefits of a new type of insulation or the immediate reduction in condensation, damp and mould cases with the introduction of a new ventilation system.

Feature Breakdown

Customers Who Love Our Retrofit Validation Features

“We’re expanding our pilot to in excess of 500 properties. If the improvements we’ve seen in the small pilot are amplified on a larger scale, it’s going to completely change the way we manage our assets”

Matt Brazier, Director of IT, Flagship

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