Mould Monitoring

Helping you to identify and prevent mould before it starts.

With the installation of Switchee – properties are now capable of independently monitoring for condensation, damp and mould conditions and alerting landlords to its potential presence.

Protect your residents from damp properties

No resident should be living in a property riddled with damp, especially your most vulnerable residents. Switchee helps you to protect your residents from damp.

Reduce asset devaluation from mould damage

In order to provide the best service you need to have access to the highest quality property stock. Switchee helps reduce the damage mould does to your portfolio’s value.

Get proactive with real-time mould warnings

Detecting mould quickly and non-intrusively is a difficult task – but with the help of Switchee’s real-time mould warnings you are now able to combat mould quickly and cost-effectively.

Remote sensor technology detects condensation, damp and mould conditions

In the most simple of terms, for mould to develop you need to to have high relative humidity – which consists of high room humidity and low room temperature. If you increase the temperature of the room, the relative humidity drops. This, in turn, reduces the chances of condensation forming and therefore reduces the chances of mould. With our humidity, temperature and air pressure sensors we are capable of remotely detecting the conditions condensation, damp and mould thrive in and displaying this information on our dashboard.

Remote warnings trigger to alert you of a change in mould likelihood

When we detect the conditions in which mould flourishes – we send you a direct alert to warn you. You will be able to identify what is likely the cause of this problem with the data we present to you on the dashboard and then work to fix it. This might mean that a property needs additional ventilation, the residents need to be informed of ways to reduce humidity or a properties insulation has failed and will need to be replaced.

Feature Breakdown

Customers Who Love Our Mould Monitoring Feature

“The Switchee trial enabled Peabody to identify and target properties requiring maintenance, leading to 40 interventions and saving Peabody £1000s in long-term remedial costs.”

Nic Wedlake, Group Sustainability Manager, Peabody

Find out more about how technology is helping combat mould

With the development of IoT devices, a new front of technological innovation has opened up in social housing. In this white paper we investigate how technology is helping reduce and contain condensation and mould outbreaks.

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