Gas Safety

Helping you to reduce the cost of compliance

By using Switchee you are given access to our innovative tools to help improve boiler compliance across your entire portfolio. With access to occupancy-based appointment scheduling and our boiler restriction functionality – you can ensure your entire portfolio stays compliant.

Reduce the number of no-access visits you conduct

Sending a trained engineer to a property only to have them unable to gain access to a property is a huge waste of resources. Switchee helps ensure property visits are productive and valuable. 

Schedule appointments around residents as well as staff availability

When you are making an appointment traditionally it’s been difficult to coordinate both your and your resident’s schedules. Switchee helps you to make the appointment work for both of you.

Improve compliance with with our remote service interval timer

Ensuring a boiler is compliant every year is a challenge for every organisation. Switchee helps you to ensure your portfolio’s boilers are compliant  with remote tools.

Occupancy-based appointment scheduling helps you reduce no-access visits

With Switchee’s occupancy-based appointment scheduling – you are now able to perfectly schedule appointments that work for both you and your resident. This means fewer visits where engineers are unable to access the property and fewer complaints from residents about the inconvenience of the visit. You are now able to ensure you have access to soon-to-be uncompliant boilers.

Remote service interval timer tool for non-compliant boilers helps keep liability to a minimum

Should you or your maintenance organisation fail to access a boiler for servicing – Switchee has developed a built-in remote service interval timer to help ensure compliance. This feature helps landlords comply with the requirements of Regulation 36 of the gas regulations 1998. This helps keep your liability for uncompliant boilers to a minimum.

Customers Who Love Our Compliance Features

“We’re expanding our pilot to in excess of 500 properties. If the improvements we’ve seen in the small pilot are amplified on a larger scale, it’s going to completely change the way we manage our assets”

Matt Brazier, Director of IT, Flagship

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