Identify Fuel Poverty

Helping you to identify and fix resident’s underheated properties

Switchee helps to identify properties in your portfolio that might be suffering from fuel poverty, and gives you the tools to find the root of the problem quickly, so you can deploy a solution that works for you and your residents

Help protect your vulnerable residents

Detecting when a vulnerable resident is potentially struggling is extremely difficult, especially with any reliability. Switchee helps to spot residents underheating their homes and notifies you directly.

Identify the root cause of property underheating

Understanding the cause of a property’s underheating problem can be tricky, whether it’s the building fabric or resident behaviour. Switchee helps you to do this.

Get alerts on new underheating cases

Ensuring you are quick to act on cases of underheating is crucial to protecting your residents. Switchee provides you with real-time alerts of underheating cases to help you catch it early.

Switchee’s sensors can detect properties being chronically underheated

Many residents who suffer from fuel poverty are unwilling or unable to tell their landlords about the problem. This leaves landlords with potentially vulnerable residents in properties that are unfit for human habitation, but unable to identify them. Utilising Switchee’s in-built sensors, we detect properties in your portfolio that are being chronically underheated and alert you to their status.

Sensor data tells you the root cause of the property’s issue

Switchee’s sensor data can be used to identify the root of the underheating problem and then fix it. Whether the property is being underheated because the boiler is failing, the insulation in the property is faulty or whether the resident is simply unaware of the minimum temperature of 19 degrees to keep the building fabric in good condition. We give you the tools to identify and fix the problem – without intrusive building fabric surveys.

Feature Breakdown

Customers Who Love Our Fuel Poverty Prevention Features

“We’ve also shown, with real data, that the main issue with CDM in one property was under-heating. By explaining this to the resident, and the health benefits of maintaining 19 degrees in the property, we have improved the living conditions for the resident and most probably reduced our maintenance costs associated with CDM.”

Emma Riccardo, Project Liaison Officer, Nottingham City Homes

Find out more about how technology is helping combat mould

With fuel poverty on the rise in the UK, in this white paper we take a look at the dangers fuel poverty poses to residents and landlords in the social housing sector. As well as what can be done to help pre-emptively diagnose and solve these issues.

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