Combatting disrepair

Helping you to combat disrepair before it becomes a problem

We give you the ability to utilise a host of our advanced features to predict and detect a host of issues associated with disrepair including condensation, damp and mould. With this information, you are able to ensure timely maintenance is conducted and the results are evidenced.

Reduce the number of disrepair cases you face every year

In order to best serve your residents, you need as many resources available as you can. Switchee helps you to avoid costly disrepair cases so you can get back to helping your residents.

Protect yourself from false claims with property performance data

When it comes to false disrepair claims it can be difficult to prove you’ve been doing everything you can to help. Switchee gives you the evidence you need to prove your actions and their results.

Utilise alerts to spot upcoming condensation, damp and mould issues

The best way to counter-act condensation, damp and mould is to get to it quickly. We give you live alerts to help you spot and solve these issues before they become severe.

We give you the power to evaluate the efficiency of anti-damp measures

Not all condensation, damp and mould measures were born equal. If you or your team install a ventilation system in a property and do not see the expected reduction in relative humidity, understanding the reason has been traditionally very time consuming and challenging. Switchee changes that. We give you the ability to identify how effective your measures are, and if they are ineffective to identify the root cause. Whether that is residents turning off ventilation systems at night or insulation that is breaking down too quickly or a whole host of other potential causes.

We provide you with data-based evidence of a property’s condition to reduce the risk of litigation

We want to help landlords protect themselves from false claims of disrepair. With the installation of Switchee, we give you the evidence you need to prove that you installed countermeasures for the problems your residents have reported. We also give you the ability to show the real-world impact that these measures had. This gives you a data-based layer of protection from litigation.

Feature Breakdown

Customers Who Love Our Features for Combatting Disrepair

“The Switchee trial enabled Peabody to identify and target properties requiring maintenance, leading to 40 interventions and saving Peabody £1000s in long-term remedial costs.”

Nic Wedlake, Group Sustainability Manager, Peabody

Find out how to reduce disrepair claims in a post fitness for human habitation world

You can download this in-depth white paper about the changes that have happened in disrepair litigation and prevention for free below.

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