Carbon reduction

Helping you improve the energy efficiency of your property portfolio

With the installation of Switchee – your property portfolio becomes significantly more energy efficient by improving the efficiency of the heating schedule as well as alerting you to potentially harmful resident heating behaviour.

Reduce the energy expenditure of your residents

For those suffering from fuel poverty, living in cold houses is very much a reality. Switchee helps to keep your residents warm by reducing the amount they spend on their heating bills.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your property portfolio

With thousands of properties, any energy inefficiency is magnified by the scale of your portfolio. Switchee helps reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption.

Gain insights to help residents save power on a one-to-one basis

Not every resident uses power in the same way. Advice is significantly more likely to have an effect if it is relevant to the individual. Switchee helps you to provide personalised energy saving advice.

Switchee installations reduce carbon emissions by approximately 10%

Keeping a property portfolio of thousands energy efficient is a huge task. Installing solutions that work across an entire portfolio is even more so. With Switchee you get just that – a device that can be installed in every one of your properties that reduces the carbon emissions of those properties by 10% on average. All whilst increasing resident comfort and giving you valuable property health data.

Receive alerts about resident heating behaviour that reduces energy efficiency

With access to Switchee’s dashboard, you are given the ability to set and receive alerts about your property portfolio. You can be alerted when a property is regularly heated above or below a certain threshold. With this information, you can communicate one-to-one with these residents to educate them on the best practices when it comes to heating their properties. This benefits both your properties energy efficiency and building fabric health.

Feature Breakdown

Customers Who Love Our Carbon Reduction Feature

“We chose to install Switchee to help our residents manage their heating better and to see if there was anything we could discover about the condensation and mould issues in the property. I’ve been really pleased with how much the residents have benefitted. They are really happy and have saved money on their heating bills.”

Emma Riccardo, Project Liaison Officer, Nottingham City Homes

Find out more about how the UK’s housing stock can be decarbonised

Social housing in the UK has a big part to play in efforts to decarbonise the UK’s housing stock – in this white paper we discuss what this might look like and how these efforts could affect social housing providers.

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