How Can We Help?

No matter what part of the Switchee ecosystem you are interested in, we have information that can help. Are you a resident looking to understand your new Switchee better? A Landlord looking to learn about the benefits of installation in your properties? Or just interested in how you actually install it? We’re here to help.

Are You A Resident?

Do you have a Switchee installed in your home, or you are looking to install one? Then we can help explain what it does, how to work it and also how it saves you money. You can also find our customer support here.

Are You A Landlord?

Are you investigating how Switchee can help you reduce your residents energy bills, better maintain your properties or meet compliance? Find out how Switchee works to help you manage your portfolio.

Are You An Installer?

Are you currently installing Switchees, or do you have technical questions about the installation itself? Here you can find technical diagrams as well as walkthroughs on how the process works.

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