Helping You To Communicate Better With Your Residents

Switchee acts as a communications hub – allowing you to send and receive messages, track engagement and request surveys. All whilst reducing the costs associated with other methods of communication.

Direct Communication

Communicate Directly With Your Residents With Switchee

With Switchee’s messaging system you can send messages directly to the Switchee’s screen remotely. We track send time, download time and register the resident’s response so you can get the information you need with certainty.

Maintain Accountability

Message Logs Show Message Contents

Sent: 10:02am     Downloaded: 10:17am

A resident liaison officer will be in the area tomorrow at 2pm. Would you like to schedule a visit?

Sent: 2:16pm     Downloaded: 2:21pm

There will be a residents meeting next Tuesday in the common hall. Sandy will be there to answer any questions you have.

Sent: 11:02am     Downloaded: 11:37am     Responded: 11:39am

Would you like to receive some information on how you can reduce your energy bill?

Customer Surveys

Receive Unique Customer Survey Responses Live

With Switchee’s messaging system send interactive surveys to as many or as few Switchee thermostats as you want. The responses are logged electronically and can be exported for further analysis.

Our Customers

How Do Our Customers Feel About Our Digital Communication Technology?

“We’ve also shown, with real data, that the main issue with CDM in one property was under-heating. By explaining this to the resident, and the health benefits of maintaining 19 degrees in the property, we have improved the living conditions for the resident and most probably reduced our maintenance costs associated with CDM.”

Emma Riccardo Project Liason Officer, Nottingham City Homes
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