Case Study

Peabody’s Thamesmead Strategy

In 2014, Trust Thamesmead and Tilfen Land were taken over by the Peabody Group. This meant that much of Thamesmead’s housing, community investment activities and over 200 acres of developable land became owned by a single, well-resourced body for the first time in a generation. As Thamesmead’s main landowner, Peabody is driving the town’s regeneration.


Compay Name: Peabody
Date: 2017-2019

“The Switchee trial enabled Peabody to identify and target properties requiring maintenance, leading to 40 interventions and saving Peabody £1000s in long-term remedial costs.”

Nic Wedlake, Group Sustainability Manager

Why They Wanted Switchee

Thamesmead contains approximately 4,500 affordable properties spread across a number of different developments. Since taking over management, Peabody has been continuously fighting to maintain Thamesmead’s properties – specifically spending well over a million pounds repairing and compensating residents for issues resulting from damp and mould. This state of affairs was unsustainable – both in terms of resident well being and the affect this was having on the Peabody budget. Their main priority, therefore, was to improve the building performance – both in terms of reduced maintenance as well as increased tenant approval.

Peabody wanted to solve Condensation, Damp and Mould (CD&M), reduce the costs associated with it and improve the lives of the residents who lived there.

Instant Results

Condensation, damp and mould were all abolished from the properties with Switchees installed. Utilising the advanced heating algorithm – and proved through the remote data – removed the CD&M from all properties in which the Switchee was installed. A secondary benefit was the identification of properties becoming at risk of CD&M in the near future. Preventative maintenance on these properties has reduced its associated health risks associated – for example respiratory illnesses.

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