Case Study

Cromwood Housing Rollout

Cromwood Housing is a private for-profit social housing provider founded in 2002. They manage a large portfolio of landlords’ properties in London and Greater Manchester that have been placed with local authorities to provide social housing solutions for temporary accommodation, nightly accommodation, bed and breakfast accommodation and private sector leasing arrangements.


Compay Name: Cromwood
Date: 2019

The use of smart technology has allowed Cromwood to provide excellent living conditions for our residents using remote diagnostic tools as well as control of our housing stock

Mendy Stern, Operations Director, Cromwood

Why They Wanted Switchee

Cromwood Housing faces its biggest challenge due to the nature of the tenancies they currently serve. Cromwood’s primary tenancy type is short- term emergency tenancies – which means that they have high tenant turnover, low tenant accountability and a consistent stream of tenants who are unfamiliar with the use and functionality of any given property. Their tenancies are primarily at a reduced cost to local authorities over other short-term tenancy options such as Bed and Breakfast. They are able to provide this level of service at such a low cost because they are utilising properties that were previously abandoned or empty that have now been renovated for social housing usage. This does, however, mean that their residents are unfamiliar with any given properties facilities simply because they are not living in the property long enough to learn.

The Results

Utilising Switchee’s remote heating profiles, Switchee was able to give Cromwood the tools they needed to be able to implement appropriate heating profiles remotely. This has subsequently eliminated overheating in these properties. This has been a significant improvement for Cromwood who have been struggling with this issue since their inception in 2002.

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