Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Portfolio

Reduce your property carbon footprint with Switchee by improving the efficiency of the heating schedule as well as alerting you to potentially harmful resident heating behaviour.

Carbon Savings

Reduce Carbon Emissions By Over 10%

With Switchee you get a device that can be installed in every one of your properties that reduces the carbon emissions of those properties by over 10% on average. All whilst increasing resident comfort and giving you valuable property health data.

Carbon Reduction at Scale

Portfolio-Wide Carbon Reduction

carbon-reduction-higher (revised)carbon-reduction-lower (revised)

Remote Alerts

Receive Alerts Remotely About Over-Heated Properties

Get alerted when a property is regularly heated above or below safe property temperatures and then communicate one-to-one to educate them on heating best practices. Improve property energy efficiency as well as building fabric health.

Our Customers

How Do Our Customers Feel About Our Carbon Reduction Technology?

“We chose to install Switchee to help our residents manage their heating better. I’ve been really pleased with how much the residents have benefitted. They are really happy and have saved money on their heating bills.”
Emma Riccardo, Project Liaison Officer

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