Helping You Better Maintain Your Boilers

Switchee helps you to remotely test and identify failing or failed boilers and help ensure you are able to maintain them at a time that works for both you and your residents.

Remote Testings

Conduct Boiler Tests Remotely to Discover Boiler Health

With Switchee’s remote boiler testing tool – you can pre-emptively identify boiler failures. Maintenance teams have a reduced number of emergency callouts and spending on boiler maintenance is regular with no large spikes.

Boiler Failure Rates

Understand Boiler Failures with Data

Needs Attention
Functioning Correctly

Appointment Scheduling

Reduce No Access Rates With Occupancy-Based Appointment Scheduling

Reduce the average 2.1 visits before access to 1 with our occupancy-based appointment scheduling. Ensure your appointments are at the right time for your residents as well as your team.

Our Customers

How Do Our Customers Feel About Our Remote Boiler Maintenance Technology?

“We’re expanding our pilot to in excess of 500 properties. If the improvements we’ve seen in the small pilot are amplified on a larger scale, it’s going to completely change the way we manage our assets”

Matt Brazier Director of IT, Flagship
Client Image

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