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What our team say about working at Switchee

“A lot of varied and interesting product development work is happening on new projects. Great company atmosphere, with a team focused on results and not needless process.”

– Switchee Team Member

“Important mission, exciting work, constant learning, great people.”

– Switchee Team Member

“Because it is the first environment in my long career where everyone supports each other and genuinely cares about their product, their customers and their colleagues.”

– Switchee Team Member

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Culture and Benefits

Our perks are a part of a company culture that inspires our employees to work better:

Unlimited Holiday

We have an informal policy where we each decide how much holiday we want to take with no formal limit.

Pension Contribution

We’ll automatically enroll you into our pension scheme.


Equity in the Business

We want to make you an owner of the business and for you to feel like you can share in the success of Switchee as it grows. We offer a slice of equity ownership to all employees.

Flexible Working Hours

We trust you to set your own working hours thereby encouraging better work-life balance.

Annual Bonus

Everyone is entitled to an annual performance related bonus.

Free coffee, fruit and beer in the office

Everything you need to keep you sustained through out the day.

Our Traditions

Our perks are a part of a casual company culture that inspires our employees to work better:

We like to socialise
We have company sponsored socials every six weeks. Crystal Maze, ping pong, darts, pub quiz, karaoke, and more.
Lunch and Learns
Every two weeks along side great food, we come together to learn from each other.
Summer retreat
Once a year, we rent a villa in a warm country and work from there (most recently, we went to Spain)
Birthdays and Cake
You will get a delicious cake on your birthday!

Team and Open Positions

Our perks are a part of a casual company culture that inspires our employees to work better:

Commercial Development

This is the team that’s responsible for managing Switchee’s relationships with our customers and engaging with sector organisations and government. The team spends a lot of time out of the office and often represent the company at events all over the UK.

Product Development

This is the team responsible for developing Switchee’s cutting edge end to end hardware, cloud, mobile app and SaaS solutions. We are lucky to have a first class product development team that covers a wide range of different technical disciplines.


This is the team that makes sure that everything gets done, from manufacturing, training, delivery, installs through to resident support and product testing operations is the backbone of the service we provide to our customers and their residents.

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Interview Process & F.A.Q.

Interview Process

At Switchee, we follow a five step process during our recruitment process:

CV Screen:

Based on your CV and the answers to application questions, we will work out if you’ll be a good fit for the role or not.

Phone Screen:

You will have a 30 minute phone screen with the hiring manager, during which, we will give you more information about the role and you’ll talk about yourself and your experience.

First face to face:

During this face to face, you will meet with the hiring manager and the Head of Talent at Switchee. Dependant on the role, you will be asked to make a presentation or do a small test. But, don’t worry, we will give you all the information in advance to help you prepare for this.

Second face to face:

You will come into our head office to meet one or both of Switchee’s co-founders for a further chat about the role and your experience.


At this point, if we think the role is appropriate for you, we will make you an offer and carry out reference checks.

When I apply for a role, when can I expect to hear back?

We understand that it takes a lot of time of apply for a job and we respect this. We will keep you posted at every step of the process, but it does take us to time to review every application with the respect that it requires. We ask you to bare with us.

How do I prepare for an interview with Switchee?

We want to understand how you think so explain your thought process and decision making throughout the interview. Remember we’re not only evaluating your technical ability but also how you approach problems and try to solve them. Explicitly state and check assumptions with your interviewer to ensure they are reasonable.

Every question should be answered with a story that demonstrates you can do what you’re being asked about. “How do you lead?” should be answered with “I’m a collaborative/decisive/whatever leader. Let me tell you about the time I …”

Come prepared with ideas and solutions.

Show us what you’re passionate about.

Share with us what you have learned in the past and how that will impact where you’re going in the future.

This goes without say, but know who we are! Tell us why you are interested in Switchee, our mission and what you know about our business.

Come prepared to ask us tons of questions. We know that choosing the right job is a big decision and this is a time to ask your potential co-workers all the questions you have!

What do I wear to an interview?
We are a casual bunch at Switchee, so wear something that makes you comfortable. This being said, don’t wear a shirt with something offensive on it… use your common sense!
Does Switchee offer internships?
100% – Internships are a great way to get some hands on experience and be benefit a lot from a lot from having brilliant people with fresh ideas and energy to contribute to our mission.
Does Switchee provide visa sponsorship?
This is something that we are currently looking at doing and are able to do it for certain roles! If you require sponsorship, please let us know in the cover letter you send along with your application.
Do you work with external recruiters?

Yes – But we have a small group of recruiters we currently work with. So, please don’t call us to sell us your services. All the roles we recruit for are listed on our careers page. If you have a suitable candidate, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

First, introduce yourself, and let us know why we should work with you as a recruiter.

If you think you have someone we need, let us know which role your candidate may be suitable for.

Please don’t send their CV right away, we will ask you if we want to see their CV. If we do ask to see their CV’s, we need to see their name and salary expectations. We cannot work with anonymous CV’s.

Please don’t send us CV’s for roles we are not recruiting for.

Please don’t find other inventive ways to speak to us unsolicited, including hassling us or line mangers on Linkedin or lying to the person who answers the office phone.

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