Better Lives With Intelligent Homes

Switchee makes maintaining your properties simple and straight forward with remote tools that allow you to check a property’s condition, analyse problems and schedule fixes all in one place.

Proactive Maintenance

Use Real-Time Insights To Better Manage Your Portfolio

With access to Switchee's real-time analytics and insight platform, you are able to manage and maintain your properties more effectively, for less money.

  • Remotely Test Property Performance
  • Get Detailed Insights Into Property Problems
  • Combat Mould, Disrepair and Improve Compliance

Communicate with Your Residents

Engage with Residents More Effectively With Digital Tools

Utilise Switchee's best in class communication technology to engage directly with your residents remotely.

  • Book Appointments with an 87% Success Rate
  • Conduct Digital Surveys with Confidence
  • Communicate Directly with Residents

Our Customers

Industry Tried and Tested With Over 50 Clients

With clients across the UK and abroad, our technology is tried and tested with affordable housing providers.

Flagship utilised Switchee to conduct proactive maintenance...
Peabody used Switchee to monitor a retrofit project throughout an estate…
Nottingham City Homes used Switchee to combat mould in their portfolio…
Cromwood Housing used Switchee to reduce their carbon footprint…

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